What Is Angelic Money Reiki?

Money Reiki is a special type of Reiki which is designed to energetically clear out your blocks to money and abundance while also raising the vibration of money and how it is used on a GLOBAL & TRIBAL level.

Money is ENERGY - It in itself is neither good nor bad, but so many of us have learned to associate money with bad actions, with stress, with abuse of power and with harm to the environment. Through Money Reiki, we can learn to clear out those negative associations with money so that we connect with money at a higher, spiritual plane.

We learn to receive and give Money with the energy of LOVE, for the Highest Good of All.

Does it sound strange to think of Money and Love as being connected? We thought so too at first but we have found that in fact Money Energy CAN be Love Energy, and there are many benefits to shifting your relationship with money in this way.

You will replace negative limiting beliefs that are scarcity and fear-based, with abundance and Love-based beliefs, deep within your being. You will ALIGN VIBRATIONALLY, in your aura and chakras, Body Mind Heart and Soul, with Money as a positive tool, as a portal and pathway that supports your best life, your health, happiness and freedom to do what you love and be with people you love.

You will feel much more relaxed and confident, trusting that your material needs are always taken care of. This reduces stress and struggles about money so you have a more solid, grounded money energy.

Thus, you will be able to attract money much more EASILY and CONSISTENTLY. Instead of ups and downs, you will grow your wealth steadily and joyfully.

You will make wiser choices with your Money, and honor Money. For example, you will not only think but really FEEL: "I love Money! And Money loves me!" This is but one of 100s of Money Mantras that will raise your Money Vibration.

You can then release and break free from debts, while you grow and BUILD your wealth, increase your savings and net worth. Multiple streams of income become possible for you and you open to embrace the golden energy of wealth. (If you are feeling energy just from reading these words, Angelic Money Reiki is a great vibrational fit for you.)

You learn to integrate your values of spirituality and heart-centered living, with your money management and financial choices, empowering you for financial freedom!

You align more with your PURPOSE and SOULWORK - Another way in which money is connected with love because when you do what you love, and you serve with love, and you are also paid well for your creative work which is love in action, you experience Heaven on Earth!

And ANGELIC MONEY REIKI takes Money Reiki to yet a higher level by bringing in Divine Support from Archangels Michael, Raphael, Metatron, Gabriel, Uriel and the Ascended Masters.

People in our Angelic Money Reiki Golden Circle share what it's like for them:

The Golden Circle is for you if:

  • You love the COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS AND ENERGY through our super positive-vibrations Facebook tribes (Or you haven’t been part of our Facebook tribes yet but you long for more meaningful connections with kindred souls on the spiritual path)

  • You would love ongoing, regular energy boosts for your abundance and wealth!
    (Think: MONEY REIKI TRANSMISSIONS – Wooohooo!!!!)

  • You would love to get personalized 1:1 Mini Readings to clarify what is happening in your energy field (chakras & aura), how you can best move forward on your path, how to open your channels to wealth and success, and how to connect more with your guides and angels

  • And most of all…

  • You are highly committed to your spiritual path, you want to live your PURPOSE and fulfill your Earth Mission with Divine ease, grace and PROSPERITY…

  • And you want to keep enhancing your INTUITIVE abilities, energy mastery and connect even more with your angels!

Your Money Reiki Circle membership includes 24/7/365 access to support and vibration-raising re-SOURCEs in our vibrant Facebook community!

At our exciting LIVE ONLINE Abundance & Awakening Golden Circle Session!

Also includes a detailed EBOOK with CHANNELED MESSAGES FROM THE ANGELS & ASCENDED MASTERS, advanced manifestation and spiritual training. A treasure trove of abundance-amplifying tips, LAW OF ATTRACTION Affirmations, enriching images & angelic shamanic manifestation teachings!

☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

& Abundance Vibration Raiser every month!

Here's what you get in the
Angelic Money Reiki Golden Circle:

You will receive every month an in-depth transmission of MONEY REIKI ENERGY for about 2 hours (!!!), Directed to OPEN your channels of wealth, ALIGN Your energy centers with Money, ACTIVATE Your abundance and destiny.

You will also be able to participate in our very fun, high-frequency Abun-DANCE Facebook 2-Hour Money Reiki Session. This takes place on our private Facebook group (for Golden Circle members only).

You also have the opportunity for a ZAP from Mark for an extra individualized money healing boost AND INTUITIVE READINGS & CHANNELED MESSAGES from Sage & Archangel Michael!

"Regarding the Money Reiki: It really was quite amazing...
because within a few hours of the healing, I had 3 calls from new clients! I have been working since then and have more clients booked with hundreds of dollars pouring in. Thanks so much, Sage!"

- Mary Jo Johnson, Colorado

Sign me up for the Angelic Money Reiki Circle
6-Month Membership

Only $297 for 6 months!

Sign me up for the Angelic Money Reiki Circle
One-Year Membership

Only $497 for 12 months!


Here's what you get with the
Money Reiki Zap:

The Money Reiki Zap level is a customized, remote energy transmission for financial blessing and is separate from the Money Reiki Golden Circle. (Although people in the Golden Circle ALSO get a Zap each month.) This is the zap only.

If you are not ready to make a commitment to being a member of the Golden Circle quite yet....

Or you would like an even more affordable way to receive Angelic Money Reiki healing, we have a new option now available called the "Zap" which is a REMOTE ENERGY HEALING session by Angelic Money Reiki Grand Master(s) Mark and/or Sage Goddard.

These sessions take place at a set time, there is nothing to schedule, and you do not show up on a call or Facebook group chat, there is no recording or transcript; it is simply a very focused and powerful VIBRATIONAL TRANSMISSION of Money Reiki, Usui Reiki and Angelic Healing Energy for you.

Upon registration for a single or multi-session package, you will be contacted within 24 to 72 hours to receive notification as to when the next Angelic Money Reiki "Zap" session will be and given instructions and tips.

These sessions are cumulative so it is recommended to get at least 3 to really get a consistent high-vibrational energy immersion and get the best results, however many people do notice a shift immediately.

The energy transmission is always done with prayer and in sacred space, for the Highest Good of All and we work only with positive intent and the energy of Love.

Archangels Michael, Raphael, Metatron, Ascended Masters and Reiki Masters support each session with Divine Blessings for you.

We look forward to being of service!

Money Reiki zaps really work! Usually within 3-7 days from receiving a zap from Mark, I will either suddenly get a new job, some other surprising fantastic opportunity or even free gifts. I have more clients and more money. And it seems like magic, without ANY extra effort on my part, these manifestations just show up. I am very grateful for all Mark's help.
- Eric Ellis-Sacramento, CA


$12,000 IN SALES! Wow! After the first Zap, I manifested a leather executive professional chair!!!!!! I was surprised with this when I came home last night!!! Mark Goddard, I'm excited to see what happens next !!! Update: I had an event this weekend! and Made $12,000 in SALES :) Instant abundance. This really helps! All this from just ONE Zap. Thank you so much!
- Sherina Mayani, Panama


Good afternoon! I don't want to miss the opportunity for another zap as I have truly enjoyed them! The first one improved my migraines and after the 2nd Money Reiki ZAP, I won $1000 on a scratcher ticket! So who knows what the 3rd and 4th can bring! So glad I got a multi-pack of Zaps - Amazing!!! Many blessings to you!
- Debbie Brock


I felt it right about the time you started. A significant wave, and I was almost forced into a meditative/connected state. Wow! I am a healer/intuitive and am highly sensitive.

Just an update...I've been waiting a few months for a job opportunity that will be very flexible for me so I can concentrate more on myself and my own businesses. I had to wait to accept because I was previously in the same position with another company last year, and had signed a non compete. I spoke to the owner a few weeks ago, and have been patiently waiting for an offer. Well, he contacted me today and said that he will call me next week when he is back in town!!! This means the world to me bc I had lost almost $20k in salary and it has not been an easy year for me! Things are changing fast! Yessss!!!! ❤
- Kristen Lewandowski


Mark has consistently sent his energy zaps month after month as his gifts to us during Angelic Money Reiki chats. I can feel the tingles when he sends them and that helps me balance out as well as a boost to my day to receive even more abundance. I am grateful he is part of the team and using his healing abilities for my healing.
- Jan Foster Desdier


I love the Money Reiki Zap. I feel it very clearly. It helps me connect to myself on a deeper level. Even if I feel I am connected to myself, the Zap gives me an experience of an even deeper Connection with myself. I experience calmness, Power, space, clarity, emptiness, acceptance, love and beingness. Love and light
- Marija Stråt


I had actually forgotten about this since I was asleep when it happened. But I was higher energy yesterday and in a really positive mood. I literally told someone I'm in a super good mood for no apparent reason. When I got this email I put two and two together.

Is this a typical experience?
Thanks so much, Mark!
- Lisa Hozey




THE GOLDEN CIRCLE includes in addition to remote healings, extensive group healing LIVE ONLINE EXPERIENCES of Angelic Money Reiki that are run as a powerful retreat via our private Facebook group, as a spiritual training and healing.

These sessions are MORE than just Money Reiki because they include absolutely beautiful prayers that will touch your heart, opportunities for individual READINGS & HEALINGS & COACHING ("HeartSeats" with Sage), "Zaps" with Mark.

You will also be part of a very close-knit supportive FACEBOOK GROUP and receive advanced Law of Attraction and metaphysical teachings and channelings from Archangel Michael and Ascended Masters as an inspirational and empowering EBOOK each month.

The "Zap" is simply a healing transmission, which is done as a remote energy healing session.

Healing is provided to you directly by name by either Mark or Sage (or both healers).

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Individual Financial Blessing
Single Transmission

Only $25

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Individual Financial Blessing
Package of 3 Transmissions

3 for $60

Sign me up for the Angelic Money Reiki "Zap"
Individual Financial Blessing
Package of 6 Transmissions

6 for $90

Sign me up for the Angelic Money Reiki "Zap"
Individual Financial Blessing
Package of 12 Transmissions (1 per month)

12 for $180

Sign me up for the Angelic Money Reiki "Zap"
Individual Financial Blessing
Package of 24 Transmissions (2 per month)

24 for $299

Any questions or need help with your order?
Email Sage@loveandspirit.org
Or our assistant at sageclientcare@gmail.com


Sage and Mark are a Twin Flame couple, married since 1998, and are Usui & Tibetan Reiki Masters and Teachers, as well as Money Reiki Grand Masters and Teachers.

Mark is a sacred artist who creates Shamandalas™ – Shamanic mandala meditation and healing portals. He is also well known for his powerful shamanic Psychic Surgery healings.

Sage is a world-renowned Archangel Michael channel, hypnotherapist, meditation and chakra expert, aura reader, and a highly gifted intuitive & life and business coach. The Angelic Abundance Activator, created by Sage & Archangel Michael was voted the #1 Law of Attraction Program on Earth in an independent global contest in 18 countries.

Together, Mark & Sage have over 56 years of experience in the field of holistic healing and spiritual awakening. They live in their Dream Home with their two teenage sons in CA. They have risen from bankruptcy and even the loss of their (previous) home to earning multiple 6-figures doing what they love and making a global difference as Lightworkers. Their approach to Money Reiki is shamanic, empowering, love-based and angelic and they look forward to being of sacred service to you!

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